Hey Y’all!

Hey Y’all!

First of all, I want to mention something that one of my sociology professors told me and the rest of my Sociology of the Family class a couple years ago, something which I’ve never forgotten and totally stand by: “Y’all” has a stigma. Maybe because it’s a Southern expression, it’s assumed to be something that “less educated” people use in their vocabulary. I’m sure there’s a racial prejudice tied into the stigma as well. The point is that “Y’all” get’s a bad rap, and I call bullshit to that because in my opinion it is the most inclusive way to address a group of people regardless of gender.

Everyone knows Y’all’s widely used alternative = “You guys.” Seriously? That’s the expression we’re sticking with? Not to mention the awkwardness of formulating the plural possessive form: Is it “Your guys’s?” or “You guys’s?” or “Yous guys’?” Someone give me an eloquent answer to that question and I’ll hand over all the money I have in my wallet. Really.

So I’m making a case for Y’all. I have to admit, I’m from the North East and Y’alls are pretty scarce here. It doesn’t come to me naturally but I try to work it into conversation when I can. If anyone ever challenges you for using Y’all by saying it sounds uneducated you go right ahead and ask them why. I’ll bet you they can’t come up with an answer.

Y’all is inclusive. Not just for guys, not even just for guys and girls. Y’all is for All.

(“Folks” is also a good alternative)

All that aside, I am going to try to post more regularly to this blog. I have several other blogs that I manage on top of work and an internship, etc. etc. But gender and sexuality issues and social justice in general is something I cannot go a day without thinking about – it is something that you just can’t turn off, although sometimes I wish I could. I wouldn’t think about these things so much if they weren’t so important to me, and I hope to share my thoughts, as well as articles, pictures, and other media on this blog to anyone who finds it as interesting and important as I do.

I hope y’all enjoy 🙂


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