Awesome Ladies #3: Carrie Brownstein

tumblr_m7grwwjuvM1qdde2go1_500 Carrie Brownstein is a musician, writer and actress.

She is most well known as the guitarist and vocalist of the band Sleater Kinney, and since 2010 has played in the band Wild Flag.


For those not familiar with Carrie’s music, you may recognize her from IFC’s hilarious sketch comedy series Portlandia, which she co-created with Fred Armisen.

She also wrote a popular blog for NPR music called Monitor Mix, in which she wrote about everything from summer camp songs to why the 80’s weren’t actually that bad.

In 2006 Carrie earned a spot on Rolling Stone’s 25 Most Underrated Guitarists of All Time.


On being labeled as a “female musician”:

“I would consider myself a feminist. I really don’t understand how you couldn’t…I guess there’s a stigma attached to being a feminist or using that word. I think one is just a holdover from a time where it seemed anti-man or anti-fun, or just had this whole sort of overly academic, strident quality to it that is off-putting, you know and I think anything that’s overly academic is kind of alienating. It’s rare to have to embrace a word that has such a weight to it, you know it almost seems like you’re adding something that you don’t really want the responsibility of having. To call yourself a feminist all of a sudden you feel like ‘oh, do I have to know feminist theory? Do I have to understand what first, second and third wave feminism means? I don’t know what those things are necessarily, and I wasn’t a women’s studies major so I think there’s that part of it where you think ‘I don’t want the responsibility of calling myself this term.’ And the other part is thinking that it somehow is at odds with being female. That’s such a strange irony, how feminism and being a woman would somehow be at odds, but I think that some people feel that it is.”

So just to recap: Carrie Brownstein is a guitar-shredding, NPR blog-writing, hilarious and all-around awesome, badass chick.

And she can rock the heck out of some red lipstick:





One comment on “Awesome Ladies #3: Carrie Brownstein

  1. ana74x says:

    Thanks for this, totally LOVE Carrie. She is fiercely intelligent, talented, and funny too. We need way more women like this on TV and on the radio.

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