“Femme is, in part, about femme friendships. Femmes are people who see another feminine person and purposefully ignore the culturally prescribed girl hate and learn to say, ”God, you are beautiful and I want to be your friend,” rather than, “She’s so much prettier than me, I hate her.” My femme friendships are a mutual celebration of our brilliance, beauty, strength, power, heart and soul. Ultimately feminist, we heal through loving each other in a world that teaches us to mistrust each other.”

Melissa Heckman, Body Image: I’m a Femme

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  1. janineyork says:

    I love this, and it is so true. One thing that I always tried to do is overcome the jealousy of a beautiful woman walking in a room and getting to know her as a human being. I am better for it and have many kind and beautiful friends.

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