Sociology Sheep – My New Favorite Meme

I was an Anthropology major and Sociology minor in school, which is where my interest in gender studies really blossomed. I loved everything I learned from my classes but it’s a little bit of a double edged sword when you’re trying to go about your daily life and all you can think about are social constructs and gender roles and race and socioeconomic status, etc. etc.

This meme totally sums up what it’s like to be blessed/cursed with a sociological mind. Here are some of my favs:



2 comments on “Sociology Sheep – My New Favorite Meme

  1. janineyork says:

    These are all funny. My daughter has her Masters degree in Sociology, she would love these!

  2. Ken says:

    I thought it was just me that ruined American culture with my gender deconstructions! Glad to see I am not alone!

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