Elena Hight Makes X-Games History


Last night in the X-Games Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Finals, Elena Hight raised the bar for women’s snowboarding.  On the last hit of her first run, Hight stomped a double backside alley-oop rodeo (watch the video here), the first ever completed in women or men’s competition. Only two other snowboarders have ever landed the trick, Shaun White and Danny Davis, neither of them in a competition.

Hight took silver behind Kelly Clark, who earned her 3rd straight gold medal in Superpipe, making her the first woman ever to three-peat in the event. Clark opened her run with a frontside 1080, a trick which she was the first to land in women’s competition in the 2010 X-Games.

The bronze medal went to Ariel Gold, a 16-year-old Colorado native. Gold was an alternate and was invited to the X-Games just a few days earlier when Gretchen Bleiler dropped out because of an injury.

These three women proved that women’s snowboarding is doing better than ever and progressing quickly. The bar has been raised and the future of the sport is bright.



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