F*ck That

This is a little game called Fuck That, where you pick one thing that irks you so bad you’re just like “ugh, fuck that” and another thing that is so awesome you actually want to have sex with it (“I would fuck that.”)

I’ll start with the “ugh, fuck that.”

I was in a bookstore yesterday browsing around and I found this book in the “self improvement” section:


There’s so many things about this that I hate I just don’t know where to start….I guess the title is as good a place as any. I can’t be sure but I would hazard a guess that the title is referring to faking orgasms – not doing anyone any favors there.

Secondly, “a size 6 waist – when you’re a size 10.” If you’re not skinny, at least you can PRETEND!

There are plenty of size 10’s in the world who look just fine without creating some optical illusion to look like something they’re not.

Thirdly, “a passion for his favorite sports team.” OK……..How about a passion for your own favorite sports team? How about you don’t have to like sports if you don’t want to? Faking a “passion” for anything just to please someone else is just silly. Think for yourself, YEESH.

LASTLY, this isn’t in the picture but I flipped through the inside of the book, hoping it would turn out to be satirical (it wasn’t) and I skipped to a page about avoiding advances from men at bars. The book gave two options: 1) wear a fake wedding ring, and 2) pretend you’re a lesbian. Alright, I know that these are tactics women use to get guys to leave them alone. I’ve definitely been put in that uncomfortable position where a guy would just not take the hint. The thing that bothers me is that it’s a widely accepted fact of life that the only way to get a guy to leave you alone is to prove that you are totally off limits because you’re either married to another man or not interested in men at all. The fact that this is published in a BOOK (although, I use that term loosely) is just normalizing these rules that women are forced to adhere to and gives men permission to keep making advances on a woman even when she’s clearly not interested. Maybe I’m being idealistic, but I feel like the best way to let a guy know you’re not interested should be to tell him you’re not interested? No, you’re right. That would be too easy. In conclusion, fuck that book.

Now, on to something way cooler. For my fuck that selection, I’ve chosen the Alie & Georgia Slumber Party podcast. This is actually where the “Fuck That” game originated. Alie and Georgia have an online show on the Cooking Channel called Classy Ladies where they make cocktails inspired by different foods:


In their Slumber Party podcast, they set up a pillow fort in their living room, drink wine spritzers and invite a guest over to talk about everything from ghost stories to “Wilford-Fucking-Brimley.” Once you listen to one episode it’s like trying to eat one handful of movie theater popcorn and you end up shoving it all into your mouth like an animal until you’re pinching buttery crumbs out of the bottom of the bag.

You can download episodes fo’ free on itunes or listen at feralaudio.com


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