Mac Strength Collection


“Strike a powerful pose, stand out and redefine the notion of beauty in a colour collection too irresistible to ignore.”

This is Jelena Abbou, a figure competitor, model and personal trainer. Until fairly recently, being a woman and being muscular and strong were two things that did not intersect. This is not because women are inherently weak, but because men and women alike have been socialized to believe that in order to be attractive, a woman should be slim and fit, but not bulky at the risk of looking too “manly”. Many women, especially athletes, have actively challenged this notion and proven that women can be strong, athletic and muscular. Unfortunately, women who are “overly muscular” are still viewed as less attractive than women who fit the rigid standards of the attractive female. According to these standards, you can be a strong, athletic woman, you can be an attractive woman – but you cannot be both.

        The great thing about this ad is that it showcases a woman who is attractive and feminine AND doesn’t hide her musculature by showing her in a demure pose, as is often the case when photographing female athletes.


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